The Perfect Pair Monthly Subscription

$ 39.99 $ 59.99

This bundle is equal to 8oz.


  • Keep your Silky Skin Custard in stock with our subscription club.
  • Save on your custard when you join the subscription club.
  • Choose the frequency of shipping that fits your needs
  • Minimum of 3 shipments. 


If you are a Silky Skin Custard loyal lover this program is perfect for you! Subscribing will also help save money. Your custard will be delivered fresh monthly. Silky skin custard is made with raw ingredients and is best used fresh.


If you have too much or you need to pause your order for any reason, simply skip your monthly shipment anytime. It is easy to log in and manage your subscription.


You will not be billed until your order is on the way. Three billing cycles are required for the Subscription Club. If you are new to Silky Skin Custard and interested in a one time purchase, we have some great deals for you outside of the Subscription Club! A little bit of custard goes a long way.


There is nothing more frustrating than running out of your Silky Skin Custard when you need it most. With the Subscription Club, you never have to remember to order, we have you covered!


*Disclaimer: Please consult your physician  for a diagnosis of eczema or other skin conditions before using Silky Skin Custard or other over-the-counter eczema treatments. Silky Skin Custard does not claim to cure any serious health conditions and is not FDA approved.