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Silky Skin Custard pregnancy is proven to maintain and improve skin elasticity, reduce itching, provide long lasting (non greasy) moisture and will also prevent, reduce and remove stretch marks.

The results are fast with regular use because we have taken the time to combine key ingredients that nourish your skin deeply, especially during the hormonal changes of pregnancy. Silky Skin Custard pregnancy will allow your skin to stretch with minimal damage and itching while always keeping in mind the safety of you and your little one. All stages of your bump will be picture perfect with Silky Skin Custard pregnancy.


The custard can be used on any other area that may be experiencing stretching from your pregnancy. Using the custard for existing stretch marks will give you noticeable results as well. Great to use before, during and after pregnancy.

Ingredients: Love, raw unrefined African shea butter, jojoba oil, pure vitamin E, cold pressed olive oil, organic coconut oil, green tea extract, essential herbal blend